Cig in the I's

by No, Coach!

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"Cig in The I's" is a early live demo off our newest EP, and although it's far from done, it's what got the band started.


Another cig in the eye's
Why should I be surprised
I knew it would end like this again

Another cig in the eye's
Make a kissing face
And I feel out of place
I'm single again
We're single again
Watching top chef in our bed

Another cig in the eyes
(another cig in the eye's)
Why should I be surprised
(another cig in the eye's)
Stick in the eye's

Another cig in the eye's
(another cig in the eye's)
I woke up surprised
(I woke up surprised)
Because I saw on my Instagram
Someone kissing face

Another cig in my eye
She said I love you to another guy
So I'm drinking tequila tonight
Jose Cuervo in my thigh
Another cig in the eye

I was laying in bed with michael
(she was laying in bed with michael)
I was watching top chef
(watching topchef)
Another cig in your eye
another cig in your eye

Now we're all fine
'cuz the cig is in
Your eye


released October 19, 2015
Vocals & Guitar: Trinity Conley
Lead Vocals: Michael Edgar




No, Coach! San Francisco, California

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